Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12th 2013---New Ultimate Direction Gear (Scott Jurek Collection) In Stock

Now in-store we have some of the most functional lightest gear from Ultimate Direction to help keep you moving in the right direction. Our store employee, Cole has been all over the new Scott Jurek Collection wearing the gear in-store, testing it for the customers of Binghamton. Below, is his detailed review of his many findings on the Scott Jurek Collection from Ultimate Direction.

Ultimate Direction Jurek Grip Bottle
For most runners in the summertime, lakes, streams, park water fountains, sprinkler systems, neighbor's pools become your oasis while logging those long summer miles in the hot summer sun. Famous Ultra-marathoner, Scott Jurek decided that why always have a bottle that is too heavy and creates hand cramps over the long haul.  Why not have the most minimal water-bottle strap on the market that will never loosen over the countless miles.   
***Enter, The Grip; it is a bottle that should encourage proper hydration benefits for those running out in the summertime without all of the added weight seen from other hydration hand-helds. This 20 oz bottle weights in at 3.25 ounces with a full bottle included which is incredibly light weight.  The kicker valve allows for a NO-Spill experience and the handheld strap is made of the same fly-stretch film material as their packs which is super light and durable. Having a Velcro strap, ensures a customizable fit without the hassle of the bottle loosening while out on the run. For $19.95, the price is right for the bottle which is one of the cheaper fancy handheld bottles out there on the market!
My thoughts: This bottle is great for the beginning trail runner, ultra-marathoner, and even the runner just looking to stay fit and hydrated out in the summer heat.  When having less weight, this will be the perfect bottle for those not used to a handheld water bottle but will be pleasantly surprised at how nice it feels in-hand and how functional it can be.  For those serious trail, marathon and ultra-running athletes, pairing the Grip bottle with the Essential fuel belt is the wining combination for long training efforts and for peak performances. 
***Remember, constant hydration leads to optimal performance! One of the best lessons I have learned from my training and racing is that efficient hydration is critical to optimal results and quicker recovery from runs.  I almost always run with a handheld in weather 60's and above and always when near 70 and above.  The more you sweat, the more you need in terms of replenishment and having a bottle can sometimes mean the difference in averting heat stroke or a trip to the hospital. This summer, be safe out there and remember to hydrate!
The Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Essential Fuel Belt!
Initial Thoughts:  I am a skinny kid and my waist just does not fit any kind of belt system well. I always have to crank the draw-cord all the way to the far-side where the remaining piece of the strap is smacking me in the face for most of a run. This is why I do not like waistbelts.  This belt, is A WINNER!!!!!  You have to BUY ONE!!!! I was so excited to see one of these belts and truly was impressed with the whole package.  The name for the belt fits perfectly, "Essential". This belt not only is essential but it can easily fit all of the running essentials without all of the crazy weight of most belts.  You can hold more than ever expected. You can hold a cell phone, car keys, salt caps, multiple gels,  multiple GU Chomps, all in a light-weight belt. It is really amazing how much you can hold!  This belt can be used for summer training, winter, spring and fall. Whatever the time of year, the Essential will work wonders.  
Breakdown: 1 water resistant pocket--Great for the car keys or the cell phone, and credit card
1 Stretch Mesh Pocket-Great for gels, chomps, all energy food and even some cash.
1 Pill-Pocket--Great for Salt Caps or Nuun Tablets
Combined with the Jurek Grip, you have the lightest weight products imaginable and an insane amount of carrying capacity.
Overall Thoughts: The Essential is what the name dictates, its essential.  Used for training, running errands, marathons and longer races that may require you to carry nutrition products such as gels or chomps. This belt is the BEST OUT THERE!!! For $29.95 this belt is worth every single penny!!!!!! Check it out! At 2oz this belt weighs next to nothing!

Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Endure Belt
Thoughts: These belts follow the same styling as the Essential belt but have deeper pockets for a higher carrying capacity and two 10 oz bottles that provide hydration when needed. Not to mention a ribstop cord for holding a light wind-shell jacket or an extra shirt.  The main pocket can hold energy food to more substantial items such as a camping pot for cooking.  It retails at $39.95 and weighs in at 8.5 oz with full bottles.  For those that like hydration on the waist, this belt is so light but has so much function to it!

The Overall Scott Jurek Collection from Ultimate Direction: Closing Thoughts~ The lightest collection available for all your hydration and nutrition needs. Ultimate Direction did such a great job. For all your summer needs as you train for you fall half or full marathon, come check out this new gear, it will surely surprise you the way it has surprised me.

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