Monday, November 10, 2014

You Know You're a Runner in Binghamton if...

We asked and you answered.  You know you're a runner in Binghamton if...
  • You think a spiedie is a nickname for a local running club. 
  • You consider a course with rolling hills as an easy day run.
  • You've raced in Otsinango Park 500 times.
  • When someone mentions Riverside Drive, all you think about is that stupid hill by the CVS.
  • You're supported by the crowd whether you're the first or last in your age group.
  • You've heard the local running lore of the nearly mythical "King of the Hill" race, or you've run that race yourself.
  • You talk about watching the Chris Thater Memorial Races 5k so you can watch the Kenyans run by.
  • TCRC is your middle name.
  • You remember running in the St Christopher's Race.
  • You run the Bridge Run Half Marathon or 5k every year.  
  • You know every inch of the rail trail and got excited when they finally opened the new extension.
  • You have a love-hate relationship with the January Freeze Series.
  • You forget to put on sunscreen before a run because you're just not used to that being needed very often.
  • You're extremely familiar with techniques for stepping over potholes or jumping over uneven sidewalks, but have probably managed to twist an ankle once or twice (or more).
  • You've had to listen to Mike Cordi talk about his M-E cross country team. 
  • Everyone at Confluence Running knows you by name & vice versa...or when your grandma goes shopping there & you know exactly who helped her.
  • You can run to Pennsylvania and back in under 2 hrs
  • You dress as the Can Man for Halloween races.
  • You have ran to all the carousels and have a button to prove it.
  • You have run stairs in an EJ House.
  • You have done fartleks between Giants.
Please post a comment if you can think of more!  We'd love to hear them.

Remember, the Binghamton Bridge Run opens registration next week.  Don't miss out!


  1. Hysterical! You know you're a runner in Binghamton if you get all of these.

  2. you go to Nezuntoz after a group run...& see at least one other runner there!