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Employee Profile--Cole Crosby---The man behind the Products at Confluence!!!

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Who is Cole Crosby???

Well, my journey begins with me growing up near Princeton University up in Princeton, New Jersey.  I ran cross country and track for South Brunswick High School where I began my love for running and competing. In school, I was a solid runner but by no means the best in the state.  The majority of my high school career I had times in the 16-17 minute range.  From New Jersey, I made the switch to college running at the University of Oklahoma as a walk-on. From there, my training really began to take hold.  Under Coach Martin Smith, a legend in his own right, I learned how to train and how to perform, and to recover from hard efforts. But most importantly, I learned how to listen. I learned how to understand the language my body was giving me and how to make myself more efficient and successful.  I went from running 26 minute 8ks to 24 minutes. I went from struggling in a 10k to the 29's.  I also fostered a love for the trails, for hills, for obstacles in running that most would look at attempting such feats as CRAZY though I found posed the proper challenge. 

After college, I had the chance to run for OK Runner, a running store in Norman, OK with a great group of guys.  We ran in the 100 degree summers and even in the windy cold winter days.  I competed in both local road races and began my trail career.  I had many great accolades from the Oklahoma Ultra Runner of the Year with the 24 the Hard Way trail victory, a course record in my first 50k at the White Rock 50k in the mountains of Arkansas, to numerous Oklahoma trail races.  I finished my Oklahoma running career with a 2nd place finish at the Oklahoma City Marathon in 2012 with a 2:36 effort in horrid conditions.  I also ran the Mount Washington Road Race while placing 31st with a fully-cramped calf in the first 3 miles of the race that I endured for the remaining 4.7 miles up.  I also ran up the World's Highest Hill in Poteau, OK at 1,999 feet and inches only one inch shy of 2,000ft the elevation needed for being classified as a mountain in a super fast 37 minute effort.

Where am I headed??????????????

Me and my lovely girlfriend, Ashlee (a true Okie) loaded up our cars, our two cats, a  U-Haul and drove the distance to Cortland, NY where we currently reside.  I am in graduate school for the Park and Recreation department looking into park planning, design, and management of our most beloved outdoor facilities while Ashlee is finishing her BA in Political Science.  I have had the chance to run in Upstate New York and I love it. From the woods to the technical trails, waterfalls in Ithaca, to snowshoeing in winter (made the USA team for 2013--4th place finish). I started as a transplant but have really enjoyed my running here in the Empire State. I love the cooler weather on average, the steep uphills and downhills I crave in training and just the terrain of the towns here in Upstate.  I started working for Ian and the Finger Lakes Running Company in January of 2013 and have loved every second of it. From the reps, to the customers, I love doing my very best to inspire and to educate the local community on something that I love to do. 

My running has taken shape here in New York with top-level sponsors from Karhu/Craft, Dion Snowshoes, Fits Socks, Acidotic Racing, and Mammut outdoor sports (my signed title sponsor).  I can now say I am a professional trail/mountain runner which has been a long time coming for me.

(Winner of A-OK 25k)

****I love the trails, woods, snow, hills, and challenges*******

Where I am going now????????

I hope to make as many National Teams as possible to represent my country in international competition. I hope I can continue to inspire people to get out there and to enjoy the outdoors. I will continue to race trail, ultra, mountain and snowshoe events in New York and potentially around the country. I do road races and marathons every now and then but more for training purposes. I do not know where Ashlee and myself will end up settling down, but for now, New York is home, and we are going to enjoy every moment of it. 

At Confluence---I am your man! I try to read up on what all the companies in running are doing in terms of products so if you ever have any specific questions I would love to sit down and talk with you.  I love to talk about trails and If you have any questions regarding hydration, fueling, trail shoes, Hokas, and trails in Binghamton, or just are curious about my experiences I would love to chat with you.  46 South Washington Street, Binghamton. Oh, and I have a real passion for our socks which I spend my down-time reading up on and can talk an ear off.
Some Sweet Photos::::
(Northeast Qualifier at Highland Forest--1st place in 50 minutes)
Some more pictures of my running journey
Racing Acidotic at Loon Mountain (Climbs of 30-40% grade ski slope!)
(Backwoods 5k in 14:51--Oklahoma Road Race)

(The Final slope of Mount Washington from 800ft above sea level to 6,286 ft)
(Team OK Runner helping me out at the OKC Marathon to my 2:36 finish-I am on Far Left with hat)

White Rock 50k--Winner in Inov8s



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