Monday, July 22, 2013

New Group: Binghamton Area Trail Runners

Here at Confluence Running, we believe that getting out to experience what the Binghamton area trails have to offer is a great alternative to the standard monotony of road running.  The store is working on organizing a trail running group for the area with the hopes of providing essential trail maps and the resources needed to enjoy a run out on the trails successfully.  Who can run trails?  The answer is Anyone!  You do not need to have any trail experience to be apart of the group.

Binghamton Area Trail Runners - Confluence Running - South Mountain
South Mountain Trails

 Benefits of off-road running:

*Breathing fresh air not car exhaust
*Going your own pace-never having to wait at stop lights or for cars to cross a road.
* Strengthing and toning the legs from uphill and downhill running
* Soft surfaces help reduce impact
*It boosts mood and brain function
* You burn more calories in less time
* You gain an enhanced level of balance
 *Running becomes more of an adventure rather than just simple training
* Running in the woods is just fun!

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Links about the benefits of trail running:


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Team Confluence

Team Confluence, Confluence Running Binghamton NY - Race Singlets

Come join the team!  For ALL abilities.  Team Confluence is a support system for dedicated runners of all levels.  Runners will become ambassadors of Confluence Running.  We want individuals who have a true passion for the sport of running and want to give back to the community. We are proud of each member on the team and what they represent in the running community.

Team Confluence, Confluence Running Binghamton NY - Race Singlets, Seneca 7 Team

At Confluence Running we believe there is a runner in all of us and we want our team to reflect that belief. Whether you lead the race, are in the middle of the pack, or are bringing up the back, we are happy you are out there giving it your all. Our goal is to prepare you to get to the finish line healthy and happy.

Being on Team Confluence is like being a part of a family. You meet new people and inspire others and the friendships that are made will always be a big part.

If being a part of Team Confluence is something you would be interested in,
please click on the application tab.  

Team Confluence Running Application  


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The Binghamton Bathroom Project

Adidas Runner while trying to Pee in the Woods - Confluence Running

 Have you ever gone on a long run and find yourself trapped under a bridge trying to pee before someone comes by?  Have you ever sneaked into someone's backyard to steal a quick sip from their hose because you ran out of water in your Amphipod?  Have you ever gone into McDonald's during a blazing 95 degree day, no shirt, sports bra only, short shorts, dripping with sweat and tried to use the bathroom only to find dirty looks and the bathroom closed?

Confluence Running Triple Cities Area Binghamton NY Map
Confluence Running has started mapping the Triple Cities Area to find welcoming bathroom and water stops.  Confluence is speaking with all the local business to be placed on our map.  All stops will include address and operating hours for your convenience.  Any of the stops on the map will welcome your sweaty look to support you on your run.

This Includes Confluence.  Cold Water and a bathroom are always welcome.  Stop by and chat before heading out again.  Check out our Group Runs every Thursday night at 6:30pm.  

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Lady's Nite - Thursday August 22nd @ 7pm

If you are an interested Business to add to our Water and Bathroom stops please contact Matt,