Monday, July 22, 2013

New Group: Binghamton Area Trail Runners

Here at Confluence Running, we believe that getting out to experience what the Binghamton area trails have to offer is a great alternative to the standard monotony of road running.  The store is working on organizing a trail running group for the area with the hopes of providing essential trail maps and the resources needed to enjoy a run out on the trails successfully.  Who can run trails?  The answer is Anyone!  You do not need to have any trail experience to be apart of the group.

Binghamton Area Trail Runners - Confluence Running - South Mountain
South Mountain Trails

 Benefits of off-road running:

*Breathing fresh air not car exhaust
*Going your own pace-never having to wait at stop lights or for cars to cross a road.
* Strengthing and toning the legs from uphill and downhill running
* Soft surfaces help reduce impact
*It boosts mood and brain function
* You burn more calories in less time
* You gain an enhanced level of balance
 *Running becomes more of an adventure rather than just simple training
* Running in the woods is just fun!

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  1. I will be running Jones Park this evening the 20th @ 6:30. Will be at park 6:15 to 6:20. I will be jogging down from my house which is 21/2 miles away. Willing to run with all levels