Monday, November 17, 2014

Binghamton has Community Spirit

The Binghamton area has a great running community.  We work together to create running events.  We turn out to cheer for other runners even when we ourselves can't run because of injury or race schedule.  We encourage each other to try something new or reach for that PR.  We commiserate when a fellow runner is injured.  It's a great community atmosphere for everyone involved.  There's a few events in the area that bring out the rest of the Binghamton community to cheer for runners.  One of those events is our biggest event in the area, the Greater Binghamton Bridge Run Half-Marathon and 5k.   

The Bridge Run turns out over 2,000 runners, between the half-marathon and 5k, and brings many spectators out to watch their family or friends or just to be inspired as runners of all ages and abilities follow the course for either 13.1 miles or 3.1 miles.  With an excitement in the air, spectators wake up early on that Sunday morning in May to stand holding signs that encourage the runners or just make their run a little more fun.  This is wonderful for those of us running the race, because sometimes when the going gets tough you need that encouragement.  Sometimes just one single funny sign can turn your mind from the misery of race discomfort to remembering that you really are doing something amazing with your body.

Today opens the registration for the Greater Binghamton Bridge Run.  Excited experienced racers are signing up as I type this.  Nervous first time racers are debating the merits of trying something new that pushes them to find their limits and considering joining the Bridge Run Training Program at Confluence Running.  Others are considering how to best support runners in this race or wondering how to join the army of volunteers that make this race possible!  Now's the time to decide how you can best be part of this supportive community we've created in Binghamton, and take part in this wonderful event
Sign Up by Nov 23rd & Save $30 on the
Bridge Run Training Program

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