Monday, October 27, 2014

Staying Active In Cold Weather

Lisa Holt Running in Ithaca NY Manager of Finger Lakes Running CompanyWho has a warm comfy bed? Who wants head out into the cold for a workout when that warm bed is begging you to stay? We struggle with this too! So here's some tips for staying active in the cold, chilly snowy weather!

Set a Workout Date with a Friend

Working out with a friend not only helps the workout go faster and you’ll typically have a better workout, but you’ll also be held accountable for dragging yourself out the door.  No one wants to let down a friend!  Consider planning a weekly workout date so that you are definitely getting out the door that day each week.

Group Runs

Don't have any friends that run?  Not a problem. Join up with local runners and make some new friends!  Most areas have a runner's club or other organization (consider looking for triathlon clubs, or groups from local gyms for instance).  In Binghamton, we have group runs organized by the Triple Cities Runner's Club, the Broome County Triathlon Club, not to mention those organized by your friendly neighborhood running store.  Luckily, we also have a local running calendar available on which you can check for group runs in our area.  Generally there's no expectations on being able to run at a fast pace to participate, so anyone can be part of these group runs.  The more, the merrier!  

Treat Yourself
Whether it’s another cup of coffee, making your favorite breakfast or those shoes you HAVE TO HAVE. Having something in mind as a treat when you wake up, heading out the door and while working out always keeps my motivation going through a workout!

Sign up for a Race

Nothing inspires motivation like an end goal and that often comes in the form of an event on the calendar.  Planning a race is a great motivator no matter what time of year it is. While cold-weather races are less common, there are still plenty out there. If all those options are too cold, sign up for a longer race in March or April and make sure you put in the time to get ready for it. Either way, it will require you to stop hibernating and start running.  For all those looking for a longer term race goal in the local area, the Binghamton Bridge Run Registration will open November 17th, 2014!  
Join a Training Program or Get a Coach

Sometimes more than just signing up for a race is necessary to motivate a runner to get moving.  Consider joining a training program for that race!  Many areas have generalized training programs available to get you to your goal, whether it be running your first 5k, first longer distance race like half or full marathon, or pulling off a personal best.  Having a person or group to be accountable to can really keep your motivation up, while giving you someone to talk and get a morale boost when motivation is low.  At Confluence Running, we are once again offering a training program specifically geared toward the area's premier race, the Greater Binghamton Bridge Run, at both the 5k and half-marathon levels.  Join the group and make new friends while making gains in your personal running ability.  Not into the group thing?  Ask us about finding a personal coach to help you meet your goals!
New Gear

Nothing beats heading out for a run in a new pair of shoes, shorts, socks, or a new shirt. Now that the weather is colder, it's a great excuse to get some new gear to flaunt. A new pair of gloves, or a long-sleeve shirt, or pants, or ear warmers are necessary additions to your running outfit. Splurge, then head outside and show it all off.  The local running shop, Confluence Running has the most durable and comfortable running clothing out there.  

Different Routes

There are some routes that you tend to avoid in the summertime like trails with no trees to shade you from the baking heat, or tourist-friendly streets that are too crowded during peak season. Now that the weather has changed, you can start hitting those routes again. Winter-friendly routes do the job of mixing up your training and keeping things interesting. And with fewer people out there blocking your way, those paths are all yours.

Finger Lakes Running Company and Confluence Running Ithaca/Binghamton NYTreadmill Motivation 

No, the treadmill is not as fun as a nice run outside, but there are ways to make it interesting!  Consider using a GPS watch so the data from your workout is right in front of you as you run. Set a goal (I'm going to hit 3 miles in less than 28 minutes, or I'm going to progress to 7 miles per hour in the next 10 minutes) and go for it. Does your favorite football team have a game on Sunday? Head to the gym and run on the treadmill for the first quarter. Your workout will be done before you know it.

"Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running."
- Sarah Condor

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