Friday, January 31, 2014

You Might Be a Runner In Upstate NY if...

You Might be a Runner In 
Upstate NY if..
Finger Lakes Running Company Confluence Running Running In the Cold in Upstate NY

You know you're a runner in Upstate NY when..

1) You think it's normal to run in a blizzard.
2) You triple layer to go running.
3) You run in -5 degree weather.
4) You buy toe warmers to keep your feet warm in -5 degree weather.
5) You have learned from painful experience the value of a wind-blocking base layer. 
6) You own completely separate running clothes for summer and winter.
7) You can't remember the last time you ran in shorts.
8) You have an unhealthy love affair with thumb-holes. 
9) You get excited when you see temperatures of 25+ on the 10-day weather forecast.
10) You know the difference between Balaclava and Baklava.
11) You're gloves often become soaked.. but not from sweat (runny nose anyone?)
12) You break out your trail shoes when the roads get snowy/icy for some extra foot warmth and traction.
13) You know Yaktrax aren't what you use to find a lost yak.
14) You're eyelashes have frozen.
15) You'd take snow on a run any day over rain, and twice on Sundays.
16) You've have experienced a 'snow' beard (yes, even women). 
17) You know there is no silence more gratifying than that which comes when running alone through the streets in the snow, your footsteps dampened by the layer on the ground and all sane people are huddled inside, leaving the roads car-free.

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